My Coworker Turned Other Coworkers Against Me My loves, I have seen this scenario play out countless times. I’ve experienced it and I’ve witnessed others go through it.

There’s one person who don’t like another for whatever reason and he or she can’t sleep until they ensure everyone else in the company not only knows why he doesn’t like that person but also ensures that everyone is on his side and doesn’t like the person as well.

I’m not saying it won’t sting. Realistically it may. But one thing you have to remember is God always has the final say. So don’t let it ruin your day.

If someone can turn someone else against you then that person was never meant to be for you. And that is okay. God will bring the right people or divine connections your way.

So if you’re experiencing this, let it go. Don’t give it another thought. Keep it moving and stay in peace.

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