Can you believe it? My coworker admitted to lying on me in retaliation to me “complaining about him.” This guy was very smart but extremely lazy. He required hand holding for even the simpliest of tasks. If you would ask him to complete a task he would require such detailed instructions it would be less time consuming to just complete the task yourself.

So what happened? From the moment I joined the group this coworker would tell me how much he hated his job. He would complain about our boss and how emotionally abusive to him she had been. But more than anything else he would complain about the lack of direction and support he received from the leadership of the team. He always complained about being overwhelmed. So I foolishly felt sorry for him and would often times listen to him and console him. If he needed help with any task I would take the time to walk through it with him and help develop him professionally.

One day we were have a meeting within our extended team excluding the boss. Per our boss, I asked if he would be able to complete an ad hoc task to which he emotionally responded about being overwhelmed and unappreciated. I sent an email to our boss asking if there was anything that we could do to help him have better balance with his work. I asked her for time to speak about the issue and instead of waiting to gain clarity from me she confronted this coworker and told him to never complain again in meetings but to come to her directly with any issues.

So instead of taking it as an opportunity to explain his issues directly with the boss and try and get her to change her requirements for him, he denied having said anything during the team meeting. He then started to lie on me. He said that I was bossy and didn’t know how to talk to the others. All the times I would take of for him, play psychologist for him, train him and instead of manning up he played the victim and tried to paint me as the bad guy.

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My boss requested that I speak with him and we work out any confusion. During our meeting he admitted to lying about me because he felt that I had unnecessarily complained about him. When I explained to him that I had only contacted our boss as a means to try and help alleviate some of his work load he apologized for what he had done. He was under the impression that I had gone to our boss to take him out.

Have you ever helped an employee who turned around and stabbed you in the back? Have you ever had a coworker lie on you? Have you ever had a boss make a situation worse than better? Has a coworker ever admitted to lying on you in retaliation to something that you had done? Let us know your story in the comments below.

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