My Boss Talks Trash About Me To Others Throughout The Organization. What Advice Do You Have For Handling The Situation?

My boss talks trash about me

to everyone throughout our organization. He is two faced, shady and simply can’t be trusted. What advice do you have for me? How should I professionally handle the situation?

Well I like that you asked “How should I handle the situation?” It lets me know that you are aware that you can only control yourself. We are not responsible for the actions or behaviors of others especially those who have been given a position of authority. Your boss is behaving badly and that is a reflection of him not you. No matter the circumstances it is poor management to behave in such a way. If your boss has an issue with you he should address it with you directly and involve HR when necessary. Instead your boss is behaving in a petty, pathetic manner by engaging in malicious gossip and slander. What he is technically doing legally is harassment.

Stay strong and don’t let him steal your peace. Emotionally disinvest and where possible physically detach from the situation. Don’t allow others to tell you what he has to say about you. If you are in earshot, get up and walk away or put on earphones and tune him out. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what others things about you is none of your business.

Be cordial, deal with him when you have to, and have absolutely nothing to do with him when you don’t. Get a leather bound journal and document everything that takes place.

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Stand firm on the Word – Be slow to anger and able to overlook and offense.

My loves, I love you all so much. Stay strong, prayed up and in peace.

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