Monique versus Steve Harvey – Who Was Right In That Interview?


Can A Woman or Person of Color Stand Up for Him or Herself At Work Without Being Labelled Difficult?

Does Love Conquer All? What can you learn from Monique and Steve that can be applied to your career and working style?

Recently Monique stopped by the Steve Harvey Show to promote her upcoming projects and a heated debate between her and Steve Harvey ensued. She felt that she had been improperly labelled as “difficult” throughout the entertainment industry and Steve felt that it was

rightfully so. Monique has openly claimed being blackballed in Hollywood by the likes of Oprah, Tyler Perry, Lee Daniels and others after she refused to travel internationally to promote the movie “Precious” without compensation. Subsequent to this, Monique experienced additional criticism for calling for a Netflix boycott after being lowballed by Netflix to produce a comedy special. While Steve believed that the blackballing wasn’t right and that she should’ve fought for higher compensation he felt that Monique went about resolving her issues in the wrong way. Monique felt her ways were the only way and many of her peers including industry friends had publicly abandoned her.

After viewing the interview it appears that they both have valid points. There are things that can be learned from Monique and things that can be learned from Steve Harvey. The debate they had transcends Hollywood and begets a bigger conversation amongst those in the workforce in general. The lessons learned can be applied to those working in Corporate America, the medicial field, the government sector and elsewhere. The questions or points of reflection for us all become:

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1. Can a woman or person of color stand up for him or herself at work without being labelled difficult?
2. Is it fair to be blackballed for saying “No?”
3. Is there a right and a wrong way to handle or resolve conflict?
4. Are women and men treated differently for confronting the same issues in the same exact way?
5. Are women and people of color ostracized and mislabelled for being assertive and refusing to go with the status quo?
6. Does love conquer all?

Think about the answers to these questions as we dissect what can be learned from both Monique and Steve Harvey

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