Lessons Learned From Netflix's Ma Rainey's Movie As Applied To Corporate America or Work Life In General

1. Be you own boss
2. Know your worth
3. know what you are bringing to the table
4. Know your power
5. Ensure what is discussed and agreed upon when you decide to take the job is fulfilled
6. Don't let people talk to you any old kind a way
7. Don't let people treat you any old kind a way
8. Don't let the powers that be swindle you out of what they promised you
9. Hold people to their obligations
10. Don't mix business and pleasure
11. Leave your significant other at home
12. People will do you dirty right up under you nose
13. People will see you being done dirty and not alert you to the dirt that is being done
14. Be unapologetically you
15. We have an obligation to help our loved ones
16. Stand up for those you have brought on board. If they ain't quite up to par, give them the chance to get up to par
17. Don't spend your whole check on fashion and accessories
18. Be able to forgive someone who has wronged you and move on. If you ain't there keep praying and ask God for help
19. Always know your environment
20. Everybody got a story and until you understand their story you ain't gonna ever fully understand them
21. Working relationships are complex
22. It okay being hungry for success and opportunity but don't bite the hand or step on the toe of the person who has come before you
23. You can spend you who life breaking down the corporate wall and shattering the corporate glass ceiling only to realize it leads to no where
24. Power struggles exist in every group, organization and company. Realize who has the power and who doesn't
25. People will tell you whatever you want to hear just to get what they want from you or to make you go away
26. It's important to have self control. Lives can be taken or destroyed without it.
27. The entire cast was amazing. Kudos to all. Rest in Peace Chadwick Boseman

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