Knock Knock Who’s There? Professional Telephone and Conference Call Etiquette: Part 3 – 26 Effective Video Conference Tips

1. Be On Time
2. Be sure ahead of time that all attendees have the correct dial in information including phone numbers, conference ids, passwords, pin numbers
3. Respect time zone differences and ensure to specify the time zone the call will take place in or is based upon
4. Test all video, computer and telephone equipment before hand
5. Make sure the lighting in the room is right
6. Modulate
7. Don’t be monotone
8. Don’t talk too fast or too slow
9. Know your audience
10. Don’t gossip or talk negatively about others
11. Have an agenda or meeting goal and be sure to share it at the start of the meeting
12. Make sure all attendees fit property in the camera frame
13. If taking the call from home, make sure the background is professional
14. Make sure you’re in a quiet area and alert others that you’re taking a video conference call to avoid nuances
15. Establish if anyone will be taking notes or designate someone to take notes at the start of the call
16. If files have imagery make sure images are high quality
17. Mute your mic when not speaking
18. Minimize distractions
19. Don’t type throughout the call if you are not taking notes
20. Don’t check you phone throughout the meeting
21. Dress professionally
22. Don’t read slides word for word. Know your topic and be able to paraphrase
23. Stick to the scheduled time allotted
24. Stay on topic and don’t allow tangent conversations
25. Engage attendees with questions
26. Check the pulse of the audience every so often

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