Intercessory Prayer To Overcome Loneliness and Isolation At Work and Beyond (Prayed On Behalf Of Others)

“Dear God

Heavenly Father, I humbly come before you in prayer. Your people are hurting. They feel isolated, lonely, lost and confused. You God are not a god of confusion so in the name of Jesus I come against, rebuke, bind and cast out all sources of confusion in their lives and welcome in a spirit of love, clarity and peace.

Lord, let your presence be known in their lives. Let them become aware of your everlasting all encompassing presence. Let them become aware that you will never leave us. Let them know that you will never forsake us. Let them know that you sent your Holy Spirit to abide in us. Your Holy Spirit is our guide, our light, our access, our direct connection line for communication with you. God I thank you for your Spirit. Let your Holy Spirit fill the atmosphere. Heavenly Father, fill us up.

Dear God, I humbly fall before thee. I ask on behalf of those who are feeling lonely, that you provide comfort. Let them feel your warmth, protection and holy embrace. Protect them father.

I come on behalf of those who are lost, confused, on the streets, in prisons; those going through a breakup/ seperation/ divorce; those ostracized, cast out, or isolated at work; those who are war with neighbors or living in places that provide everything but peace; those who have no friends; those who have no family, been abandoned by family or are otherwise estranged from family; and those with nowhere to go and nobody to turn to. Help them God. Please Father. Rain down blessings and favor. Cover them.

I pray for those isolated due to the Coronavirus pandemic and those who are feeling hurt and alone. Heal their hearts. Refresh their souls. Any that are sick, make them well.

Helps those who have been otherwise cast out, admonished and thrown aside like garbage by this cold, cold, cold, dark, evil world.

Help those children who feel misunderstood and have parents who just don’t understand. Let them know that you are the ultimate Father. Let them know that you hear their cries. That though their earthly mother and father may forsake them that you are still there. Make them aware that you never left them and you never will leave them. Heal their hurts and relieve their pains and turn their focus to you Dear God, Heavenly Father.

Revive and restore those who have gone through human lost whether that of a child, spouse, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sibling, cousin or friend. Allow them to know that grieving is normal and its okay to let it all flow on out. Also allow them to see there is no fear in death. Jesus overcame death when He died on the cross for us. There is no fear in death for those who love you Lord. Allow them to see and know that their loved one may be absent in body but there in spirit. Their spirit is eternal. One day me and them too will have the honor to be present in spirit with you. Its an honor to be present in spirit with Thee Lord. Death is a homegoing celebration. Let them see that its okay to mourn but their loved one has gone home to be with you and that should be honored and celebrated. Give them comfort in their friends and family who are still here on Earth.

God help those who feel like they can’t turn to you during seasons of loneliness and isolation due to past disappointments, misunderstandings and church hurt. Church hurt is real but you God are realer. Everyone should have a direct relationship with you in addition to attending church. The direct relationship with you God should supersede any relationship with a church. Help them to forgive those earthly beings who have hurt them, disappointed them, upset them, misled them, failed them, not been there for them, judged them, betrayed them, misunderstood them, misfed them, made them feel less than and otherwise turned them against the body of Christ altogether. Let them know that any backsliding ways have been forgiven. Allow them to return on back home. Call them on back home to you. Free them from being jaded and help them to release all anger, hurt, resentment, bitterness, confusion, fear, disappointment, hatred, and any other ill feelings held and to turn back to you. Let them know that they know that they know that they can trust you, depend on you, confide in you, rely on you, and that you will never ever not ever, no not ever forsake them or led them astray. In the name of Jesus and by His blood I believe and declare that those seeing, hearing, reading, falling under the covering of this prayer who have gone astray will be freed from the hands and strongholds of the enemy and reunited and returned to the body of Christ.

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Give them a mind to pray, a dedicated time and desire to read your word, a yearning to get to know you for themselves, a craving to love you and to spend time with you, and a longing for a 1 on 1 relationship with you.

I pray that you appoint their feet in the gospel of peace and guide them to a Bible based church where they can study your word, be surrounded, protected and comforted by uplifting, encouraging, like minded, praying, God fearing, biblical principle living and abiding believers.

Heavenly Father, I pray for divine order, divine protection and for divine connections.

I’m praying for godly friendships, godly companionships, godly mates or spouses, godly family units, godly coworkers, godly classmates and godly loved ones. But where there is none, Oh Heavenly Father, All Mighty God, please give us the strength, wisdom, knowledge, patience, and infinitely continuous forgiving power and the ability to turn the other cheek and to always respond in love.

Show us how to live like Jesus and to be a light in this oh so dark, evil, hateful, spiteful world.

Rid us completely of our fleshly ways and allow us the will and confidence to abide in the fruit of the spirit all of our days. According to Gal 5:22-23 at all times allow us to reside in the Fruits of the Spirit which are love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.

When we want to do wrong and sin let us not have the opportunity and where the opportunity exists let us not have the desire.

Free us from ourselves and our earthly ways and desires and fill us with your Holy Spirit.

Forgive us for our sins and give us a clean heart and a renewed Spirit and a mind like Christ to forgive others. 7*70

Heavenly Father, I rebuke, bind, destroy, caste out, come against and render null and void all assignments, plans, plots, schemes, altars, outlines, wills, desires, hopes and efforts of all forces of darkness, all powers of evil, all authorities and spirits of a demonic nature, all entities of black magic, white magic, incantations, vodoo, witchcraft, and false religions that may come against the words of this prayer and the desires of your people to be made free from loneliness and isolation and to be 1 with thee in this world and in the spiritual realm. Lord by the authority granted me I cast out and come against all spirits of warfare warring weapons of dissension, discord, division, disruption, confusion, chaos, corruption, confliction, contention, condemnation, envy, jealousy, hatred, stalking, harassment, bullying, impersonations, incantations, destruction, manipulation, mind blowing, unforgiveness, rebellion, shame, humiliation, defamation, worry, stress, loneliness, isolation, depression, insecurity, doubt, instability, anxiety, hateration, within and against the body of Christ.

I declare the removal and breaking of all ungodly soul ties of your people.

I come against, rebuke, bind, cast out, break, drive out and make null and void all ungodly authorities and spirits of evil and darkness causing your people fear, confusion, distrust, loneliness and isolation.

Fill your people with love for one another and respect and love for Thee.

Help them Lord. Oh my God. I believe and have faith that You can heal this world. I believe and have faith that You can help your people. Please by faith let your will and your way be done.

I stand in agreement with your word. I stand in agreement with your will.

By your blood, your precious blood, your mighty blood, your everlasting all encompassing blood…

Cover us with your blood.

In Jesus name, Oh God please hear my humble Cry. Free your people from all feelings of loneliness and isolation and bless them please. In Jesus name, I pray, Amen.”

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