I Feel Like The Whole World Is Against Me

“I feel like the whole world is against me. I don’t know where to turn or what to do.”

My loves, no matter what you think or how you feel, please know, that there will never be a point in your life where the entire world is against you.

Satan is very busy and effective in making you feel and believe that everyone is against you but please know, trust and believe that that is lie from the pits of hell.

God loves you. He truly does.

God sent his only begotten son to die so that you can be free. He wants you to live a whole, happy, abundant and fruitful life.

God never promised that you nor I nor anyone else would never experience loneliness, pain, trouble, unfair situations or unjust outcomes. If nobody has every told you, let me inform you that in this life trouble will come. Persecution will come. Attacks on your character, integrity, person will occur. Unfair situations will come. Unjust outcomes will occur. Pain and trouble will happen. Life is not fair. And education is not the key to success.

Regardless of what trials or tribulations you may go through, you’ll never go through more than you can bear. With God, you will never be alone.

God loves you. Hang in there. He’ll bless you with the right people (friends, family, colleagues, mentors, business partners, spiritual family) in your life. He’ll give you people to protect you, guide you, support you, speak life into you, embrace you, help you. Just ask him “God, please send people in my life who are for me, who will support me, who will encourage me, who will be lifelong godly friends and remove those who are against me and not worthy of being in my life.”

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So hold on. Be patient. Be encouraged. It will all work out somehow. It will all make sense someday.

God loves you and the whole world is not against you.

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