How To Switch On and Off Between Work and Personal Life When You Have To Work Remote During The Coronavirus Outbreak?

When working from home the lines between work time and personal time may become blurred. That blurriness is okay for some but for many others they want more distinction between their work and personal lives. If you want more distinction then try out the following tips:

– Try to maintain your previous work schedule to easily mentally transition between work and personal life
– Get dressed for work, change your clothes when the work day is over
– Incorporate new tasks such as tutoring or teaching your kids during your previous commute hours
– if you traditionally went to the gym each day, continue to exercise at home during that some time of day
– Have a designated office or workspace in your home that you only use for working. This will allow you to mentally segregate work and home spaces
– If you didn’t historically watch TV or listen to music all day while working then don’t do it now that you have to work from home during the pandemic. Reward yourself with downtime at the end of the day or during your lunch hour
– Take breaks and a lunch
– If you are accustomed to having social hours with your friends continue to have that hand out time remotely
– Maintain a separate to do list of work and personal tasks and stick with them

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