How To Survive Long Term Unemployment – 45 Tips

1. Update your resume and get it professionally reviewed
2. Keep updating resume throughout term of unemployment with activities that you’re doing during your time off
3. Apply for unemployment insurance or other forms of government subsidies
4. Down size
5. Sell stuff
6. Get a cash based side hustle or two
7. Ask family/ friends for help
8. Volunteer
9. Bless others
10. Go back to school (see if you qualify for grants or other free education money)
11. Get certifications
12. Join professional associations or organizations
13. Be willing to change industries or functional areas
14. Consider 100% commission based opportunities
15. Rent out a room in your house
16. Rent out your house and move in with family
17. Find somewhere cheaper to live
18. Share living expense by finding a roommate or housemate
19. Be open to moving out of state or the metropolitan area that you reside if opportunities abound elsewhere
20. Get free food from food banks or through government food programs such as food stamps
21. Start you own business (Go ahead and make your business plan!)
22. Travel
23. Exercise daily
24. Meditate daily
25. Study the word of God everyday
26. Listen to music that keep your spirits up
27. Don’t isolate yourself from friends or family
28. Encourage yourself (things will eventually turn around)
29. Pray
30. Journal (Vlog/ Blog) your experience
31. Stay in touch with old employers and let them know that your open to opportunities and ask that they keep you in mind in case anything opens up
32. Network (Attend professional networking events)
33. Attend job fairs
34. Spend time with family
35. Catch up with old friends
36. Join support groups
37. Be willing to take temp gigs
38. Reach out to alumni associations
39. Reach out to old professors who may be able to connect you with others who have opportunities
40. Be willing to take a job that pays less than what you previously earned
41. Be willing to take a job that is at a lower level of seniority
42. Be willing to take a job with a less prestigious job title
43. Eat healthy
44. Seek mental help
45. Let everyone you know know that you are looking for a job

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