How To Respond To Peace Stealers At Work?
How Can You Be at Peace in Your Office With So Many Peace Stealers?
Can You Refuse To Give Away Your Peace While At Your Job?

Recognize, Acknowledge and Combat the Peace Stealers In Your Professional Life

So how should you respond to peace stealers at work? Is it even possible to have peace in your office? 

Having peace is not dependent on where you work, your work environment, your boss, your employees or your coworkers. No matter how pleasant or toxic the work environment is or how wonderful or dreadful your coworkers may be, you have the power to stay in peace. You have a choice to have peace of mind throughout your work day regardless of what is going on around you. Please recognize and receive that. 

You may be thinking, “You don’t know my work environment. It is down right toxic. I don’t see how I can have peace there.”

If you a thinking “It is hard to maintain peace when you are in a less than pleasant work environment.” Well, of course it is. Nothing in life comes easy. But it’s definitely doable. It takes time and practice. It may take a lot of time, conscious effort and practice. Most people shouldn’t expect instantaneous results. But know, you can have and maintain peace on your job. First, you must recognize what peace stealers are disrupting your office, then acknowledge that the peace stealers exists regardless of what you do and finally obey the relevant scriptures or Bible verses to combat and overcome the peace stealers. Stand on Eph 6.  

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Remember in all things and at all times, Pray. Read through and reflect on the following combat tools for various peace stealers, mediate on The Word, ask God for wisdom on how to practically apply the Word and reclaim your peace at work throughout the day. Let’s go through the peace stealers 1 by 1.

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