If you want to know how to handle

them workplace haters then just keep on reading. Here’s what you need to do:

Kill’em softly
Kill’em with a grin
Kill’em with the win

Kill’em when you refuse to clap back
Kill’em when you refuse to sin
Kill’em with unexpected smiles

Kill’em with compassion

Kill’em with goodness and grace

Kill’em with love and kindness
Kill’em with endless laughter
Kill’em with the slightest glare
Kill’em with a complete and total lack of care
Kill’em with your unique flare
Kill’em with your amazing style in what you wear
Silently stay woke, quietly beware, always be ware
From here, there and everywhere
Don’t ever stress

Ignore their nonsense
Rise above their mess
You ain’t trying to impress
Even still they just so obsessed
Let them be obsessed
So enfactuated and so obsessed they cause themselves stress
Don’t worry never stress
Trust God
Trust the process
Always pray
Always be unapologetically true to self
You’ll have endless success
Remain humble, stay blessed
Kill’em with the shoulders

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