Yris Palmer How To Build A Successful Business YouTube Video First Generation Corporate Careers FGCC

To all my entrepreneurs in the FGCC community, be sure to check out Yris Palmer. She is the owner and founder of Star Lash Extensions in Sherman Oaks, CA. Yris gives a lot of great insight and hidden nuggets for success and business growth in her "How To Build A Successful Business" video on YouTube. She touches on the topics of funding, starting a business, mentoring, hiring, customer service including the handling of complaints, having multiple income streams, investing, knowledge sharing, career transitions or changing careers, branding, franchising, timelines.

Also, if you are ever in Southern California, book her team to get your lashes done. Her website is https://starlashextensions.com/.

She also has a full line of lash products that everyone can purchase regardless of their current location.

Let us know what you found most interesting or inspiring from her video, in the comments below.


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