So you want to know How to Become and How To Stay Unbothered? FGCC got you.

My loves, please realize that every person or situation that you encounter doesn’t deserve your energy. Don’t bother yourself with people or situations that don’t matter. Your time is to valuable and your energy to precious. So here is how you can be stress free, care free, drama free, all also known as unbothered

1. Give yourself permission. Realize it’s your right to be Unbothered by nonsense
2. Mind your business and stay in your lane
3. Avoid messy people and places
4. Don’t try and figure out the why’s. Don’t concern yourself with the why’s behind others behavior
4. Realize misery loves company. Know miserable people will do any and everything to real you in
5. Know that God is in control of all situations. Trust Him to lead you, guide you, provide you, protect you and vindicate you. You don’t have to bother worrying about things
6. Trust that everything and every circumstance will work out for your good in the end
7. Remember past successes
8. Remember how God worked it out in the past
9. Don’t let others bait you into drama or draw you in their nonsense
10. Be okay with standing alone
11. Stand firm in your truth
12. Realize the enemy come to steal, kill and destroy
13. Remove yourself from bad company; bad company corrupts good morals
14. Realize you’re not perfect, that you will make mistakes and be okay with that
15. Stand in you God given authority

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16. Give it to God
18. Pray

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