Are You You or Are You What You do?


I saw the movie Overcomer. Its a story about identity and the identity changes we go through at different phases in our life. It cautions the viewers about the dangers of defining onself by the work that he or she does. One of the most pivotal questions posed in the film is “Who are you?” and “How would you define yourself?”

At your inner most being who are you? Ephesians 1 &  2 gives us some insight

  • I am faithful
  • I have Grace
  • I have peace
  • I am a child of God
  • I am chosen
  • I am holy and blameless in His sight
  • I am predestined for adoption to worship through Jesus Christ
  • I have been redeemed by the blood
  • I am forgiven of sins
  • I am predestined according to His will
  • I put my hope in Christ
  • I was marked with a seal
  • I have an inheritance
  • I have a glorious Father
  • I have been given incomparable great power
  • I have the Spirit of knowledge and revelation
  • I was dead in transgressions and sin
  • I am alive in Christ
  • I have been saved by grace which is a gift from God
  • I am God’s handiwork created to do good works
  • I have been brought near

Jesus is my peace

So, who are you? Comment below.

If you have not seen the movie be sure to go check it out?

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