How Do You Know If You Are Being Followed? What Are Some Signs To Look Out For? So if you suspect you’re being followed but aren’t for sure chances are you are. Always trust your gut. It tells you when something is off. So, if you’re trying to figure how people are following, or why anyone would want to follow you, or how they know your whereabouts, and most importantly where they’re lurking then read through this list to help you know if you are being followed. The following are some signs to look out for if you suspect your boss, colleagues, employer, a private investigator, or other mentally disturbed psychotic stalking individual is following you.

  1. . Pray for wisdom and discernment
  2.  Trust your gut and intuition
  3. Listen when you overhear them plotting and scheming to do such
  4. Watch for cars driving towards you or parked in your direction with extreme lighting (high beams or low beams especially if it changed as you approached)
  5. Watch for drivers and passengers in cars that stare you down as you pass
  6. Note or pay attention to the position that someone holds their cell phone (pointed directly at you?/ Camera sounds?)
  7. Watch out for cars that don’t match the typical caliber of cars where you live
  8. Look out for unmarked cars and vans especially those with dark windows that are lurking outside your home
  9. Watch out for utility, cable or other marked worker vans outside your residence outside of typical business hours
  10. Note when people call you and hang up trying to get your location remotely

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