Happy Friday. Praise the Lord it’s Friday. Thank you

Jesus for allowing a great week and for your will be done. Made it past hump day on to Friyay. Happy Friday ya’ll. Time to stomp into the weekend like you’re stomping with the big dawgs or big dogs. However you like, its yours for the taking so go ahead and take it. Laughing all the way to the bank, head high, shoulders back, Naomi Campbell walking, Idris Elba hanging low strutting. Stomping with the big dawgs into the weekend without a worry, care, fear or ounce of stress or anxiety. 

This weekend spend some times with the ones you love and who love you. Spend some time with those who uplift you and inspire you to do better and be better. Spend some time with those who build you up and with whom you serve as a support system from.

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