Friday Wind Down – Prayer To Overcome Fear and To Be Released From Strongholds Of The Enemy – Renew Your Mind and Stop Being Afraid, Be Free and Fearless

Happy Friday My Loves. How are y’all doing? It’s Friday or shall we say


We’ve made it through another work week. We know that this one has been a tough one for many of you. We’ve challenged you all to acknowledge, face and begin the journey of knocking down your fears. But we had to do it my loves. We love you all, all of our readers, too much to not continue to challenge you to grow, to learn, to become better stewarts, to become better employees, staff or bosses, to become better spouses, partners, soul mates, to become better parents, grandparents, to become better siblings, to become better beacons within your families, to become better beacons within your communities at large, to become better friends, to become better leaders, to become better servants, all ultimately to become better children of God and to become all that He has created you to be.

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