Happy Friday. Yes its Friday. Time to

have fun and enjoy the weekend. Any parties planned?

Whats your favorite its Friday party song?

How about old shool Johnny Kemp?

“Just got paid; it’s Friday night
Party hunting, feeling right
Body shaking, all around
Know one thing: I’m getting down

Check the mirror, I’m looking fly

Feeling so good
Don’t you know I’m just grooving to the beat?
I’m grooving, grooving
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah”


What about old school Montell Jordan?

“It’s Friday night
And I feel alright
The party is here on the West Side

It feels so good
In my hood


To all my neighbors
You got much flavor
(This is how we do it)
Let’s flip the track
Bring the old school back
(This is how we do it)

This is how we do it
All hands are in the air
And wave them from here to there
If you’re an O.G. mack or a wanna-be player

You see the hood’s been good to me

Ever since I was a lower-case G

But now I’m a big G

Hundred-dollar bills y’all”


What song do you like to listen to to get you in the mood for the weekend? Comment below. 



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