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Frequently Asked Questions

FGCC is an online global community of corporate professionals sharing knowledge, resources and experiences. FGCC tackles all topics related to Corporate America. At FGCC you can find tips and advice related to finding a job, maintaining a job, getting promoted in a job, earning the most possible for a job through salary negotiations, and for building relationships with one's boss and colleagues. Through FGCC one will find hope, strength, encouragement, love, peace, and freedom to be oneself. There is also fun and games through proprietary FGCC trivia, riddles, puzzles, and online celebrations. FGCC takes on pop culture and all the latest celebrity news and events by analyzing how their (the celebrities) experiences have practical corporate applications and career lessons to be learned. Be sure to join the FGCC community now.
FGCC covers all topics related to Corporate America. There are hundreds of articles on FGCC. Please be sure to search our site for articles of most interest to you.
As a basic member of the FGCC community, you will learn, you will be challenged, you will laugh, you may cry, your knowledge will definitely grow, and you may gain the tools to flourish in your career. FGCC encourages everyone to trust God, read His word, follow His commands, pray, believe, do the work required to succeed, and to know that with God in charge of your life and career, that the sky is the limit. Details for premium membership will be provided at a later time.
New articles are published all the time. Be sure to join FGCC and set your email subscription and notification preferences to be notified when new articles are published.
FGCC has never been synonymous nor equivalent to an individual person. Any efforts to do so are contrary to the founding principles of FGCC, its mission and its purpose. FGCC is a global professional networking community. To learn more about FGCC please reference the following link:
FGCC was seeded and planted nearly a decade ago
FGCC does not have a podcast or a YouTube channel and neither are currently in the works. However, please be sure to stay connected with FGCC by joining here. The team has pondered the idea of a podcast and a podcast may be developed in the future. Also, feel free to check out some of our favorite YouTube career and interpersonal relationship advice gurus and motivational speakers including Cassandra Mack , Marie Dubuque , Doctor Ramani , Joel Osteen , Joyce Meyers , Steven Furtik, Joseph Prince, Sarah Jakes Roberts, Heather Lindsey, Cora Jakes Coleman , Derrick Jaxn. Please note that none of these individuals are affiliated with FGCC in any way or form. We here at FGCC just like them and recommend checking them out if you are seeking those with YouTube platforms.
FGCC has not been active on any form of social media in many years. Any active social media account in the name of FGCC is fraudulent and should be noted and reported as such. There is not and has not been any form of social media associated with or operated by FGCC in years. To report the fraudulent accounts, please contact the various platforms directly and also screenshot and submit all concerns to FGCC via our violation form. Members of FGCC can connect and network with other members of FGCC across the globe through commenting on posts or articles and by the direct messaging capability available directly through the FGCC website. Just join FGCC today.
Yes, articles and media can be shared to various social media platforms by clicking on the relevant social media icons.
The topics discussed and tips and resources provided through FGCC can be beneficial for all
FGCC features articles related to all things Corporate America including stalking, identity theft, theft of belongings, impersonation and harassment. These scenarios are definitely real as detailed in the relevant articles. Surveillance including showing up and camping outside someone's home, turning one's cell phone, computer or other electronic device into an unauthorized recording spy machine to capture that persons most intimate personal moments, stealing one's files and photos, stealing one's written notebooks, breaking into one's email account, locking one out their accounts and using the inaccessible locked account for ill use, creating fake social media profiles using stolen images, ill gotten videos, and hacked files, starting malicious rumors in an attempt to cause destruction to one's relationships either professional and personal all in an attempt to attack one's reputation and undermine one's chance at earning a livelihood, breaking into one's home and car have all occurred to an important and integral member of FGCC. As such it is vital that we at FGCC help others who are going through similar situations by letting them know that they are not crazy nor do they have to suffer in silence or be alone. So by providing tips and lessons learned, FGCC hopes to help them survive the madness.
If there are any questions or doubt, please contact us. Also know that FGCC teaches the following:
  • self love
  • self preservation
  • about having a healthy, God willed sense of community
  • about aligning oneself with uplifting, like minded individuals
  • about allowing God to be in control and allowing God to leads one path through prayer, biblical wisdom, patience and discernment
  • about learning to control one's impulses and reactions
  • about learning to have self control and to allow God to fight one's battle
  • about maintaining a position of strength and a spirit of peaceful resistance by not allowing others to pull one into conflict and battles
  • about having peace and joy in good times and bad
  • about learning to take up the full armor of God each and every day
  • about learning to understand ones adversaries and enemies and about praying for them and learning to love them in spite of the nonsense and being able to forgive them even when they aren't the least bit sorry
  • about being able to take up the sword of the spirit and not allowing oneself to be overcome by the hate of one's haters
  • about learning to abide in the fruit of the spirit at all times
  • about maintaining a spirit of thanksgiving and being thankful in good times and bad
  • about being prayerfully and spiritually led in all career decisions
  • and about prayerfully and humbly moving through this thing called life
Any propaganda, nonsense or foolishness to the contrary is not of FGCC, any of its staff or contributors and is not of God
Satan is busy and so is his network of demons here on Earth. Combine that with some jealous haters and random drama fiends and you'll end up with a bunch of imposters, fake accounts and other nonsense. Be like FGCC, when under attack, give it to God, fast, pray and stay in peace.
There is no compensation of any kind whether monetarily, in exchange for goods or services or in any other form for one sharing or submitting to have their success story or testimony shared on FGCC.
No there is not. The process is selective and not everyone who submits their information will be featured on the FGCC website.
There is currently no fee to be featured in the Entrepreneur Spotlight. This may change in the future.
No there is not. The process is selective and not everyone who submits their information will be featured on the FGCC website.
Yes, my loves, Jesus loves you and in and through the love of Jesus, FGCC loves you too.