Having a successful career is a goal for most of us. We’re taught that if we go to school, get good grades, get a college degree or two then we’ll be set for life. Very rarely is that the case. Work life can be

extremely complicated. Corporate culture and how well you fit into it as well as  company politics can be very confusing games to play or roads to maneuver. Like many other facets of life the rules are constantly changing. Is there a roadmap to climb the corporate ladder or a one size fit all mallet or hammer to use to break the glass ceilings and glass doors? How about definitive ways to handle team problems or management conflicts? To be a successful working professional takes more than just a good education. 

Life is hard. Working life is the hardest!!! 
Having and building a career is more than simply showing up to work and doing your assigned tasks. The goal of the First Generation Corporate Careers blog is to provide advice and guidance to those who are working their way to the top of the Corporate Ladder or simply trying to survive the everyday struggles of having a job in Corporate America. Our focus will be on the First Generation Corporate professionals who don’t have parents or immediate family members that have proceeded them in their chosen profession to help them lead the way. So lets help each other, let’s celebrate one another and  let’s have some fun together while we work hard to achieve our goals!!!!

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