Defining Faith At Work

What does faith at work mean? What does it mean to exude or express faithfulness while working? Tangibly and practically speaking, what does faithfulness at work

look like? What are the promises or rewards for those who have demonstrated faithfulness throughout their career? Let’s examine ‘Faith At Work.’

Please know to whom much is given, much is required. Exuding faithfulness at work, simply put, means honoring the job that one has agreed to complete with the utmost level of respect and dignity. Faithfulness at work extends to being focused on one’s overall career goals and being prayerful and strategic in all the decisions that one makes to achieve said goals. It includes operating and behaving in ways that honors God.

Having faith at work means being a determined, focused, person of integrity and grace who isn’t moved or swayed by people or things that don’t matter. It applies to one who is determined, consistent in beliefs, character and deeds. Same personality, conviction, behavior, style and grace Sunday to Sunday. No need for bullhorns or NY Times Square sized bullentin boards, actions speak louder than words. Let’s walk through what traits or characteristics beautifully express faithfulness at work.

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