Experiencing Isolation Loneliness At Work – How and Why, Plus Prayers To Overcome Isolation and Loneliness As Well As Musical Playlist To Help Get You Through

Have you ever felt all alone? Have you ever felt like no one is there and those who are there aren’t for you? Have you ever felt like nobody gets you or what you are going through? Like for someone reason, they just can’t understand? Have you ever felt that you’re all alone although you’re literally physically not all alone? Have you ever felt that “I’m alone but not alone” feeling? Have you ever felt like you have to do “it” whatever “it” may be all alone. Like you have to

achieve “it”
accomplish “it”
embrace “it”
endure “it”
fight “it”
combat “it”
love “it”
prove “it”
deal with “it”
befriend “it”
support “it”
get rid of “it”
stop “it”
cry about “it”
carry “it”
sit in “it”
wallow in “it”
beat “it”
find a way out of “it”
reach “it”
preach “it”
teach “it”
seek “it”
learn “it”
get “it”
get them to get “it”
pay “it”
play “it”
pray about “it”
retrieve “it”
grieve “it”
walk through “it”
cross over “it”
climb over “it”
go through “it”
relive “it”
relieve “it”
perceive “it”
dream “it”
leave “it”
quit “it”
find “it”
fix “it”
communicate “it”
take care of “it”
stress over “it”
be anxious about “it”
worry about “it”
be afraid of “it”
lack safety because of “it”
be concerned about “it”
work towards “it”
assimilate into “it”
be embraced for “it”
be discarded for “it”
become part of “it”
be all about “it”

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