Benefits of Being An Employed Parent

Benefits of Being an Employed Parent

– Things Your Kids Can Help You With

Benefits of Being An Employed Parent


Are there benefits of being an employed parent? You betcha. Read the following scenarios  that your kids can help you get away with.

If you don’t feel like going to work and haven’t shown any signs of being sick just blame it on your child. No one will question a mom or dad having to stay home to take care of their ill child
If you need to get out of work to go on a job interview somewhere else just blame it on the kid. If your interview is in the morning just say you got held up at your child’s school when you had to drop them off. If it’s the middle of the day just say there was only one time slot available to take your child to the dentist to take care of his or her toothache. If it’s at the end of the day everyone will understand that you need to leave work early to pick up little Timmy since the school is having a half day.
If your boss is demanding mandatory overtime, don’t worry let your boss know that you can’t since the daycare closes at 4.
If the team you dread wants you to go to the group happy hour just take comfort in knowing everyone will understand that you can’t get a baby sitter for Sarah so you must decline
If there is an out of town conference or project just let your boss know that Johnny is too young too stay home alone and you can’t. 
Of course this is satirical. Just know that life’s hard and everyone has challenges that he or she has to face. When you’re feeling overwhelmed at work or think that your single and or childless colleagues have it so much easier remember this list. It’s all about perception. The glass is only as half full or empty as you want it to be.
Let us know any other benefits of being an employee parent in the car moments below.

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