Colgate Bright White Smile – Employer Requires Perfect Teeth for Promotion

Do smiles matter? Do you need to have perfectly straight teeth that are glaringly white to get ahead in Corporate America? Comment below what you think.

It may not be a requirement but its a good investment. People notice. One of the first things I notice about someone as we’re talking is their teeth. Like you, I try not to judge but its a natural observation. Whether through braces, veneers or some other sore of dental magic, most people in Corporate America who have reached a certain stature have good smiles. Those who don’t tend to not do open mouth smiling.

Do you notice teeth when speaking with others at work? Do you see more people in your workplace with or without perfectly straight teeth that are glaringly white? How important should dental hygiene be when interviewing candidates for hire?

Can you think of any corporate executives without good smiles? Comment below.

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