How to deal with downplayers when you are at work?

Have you ever worked with a down player? My loves, you

know the typer. Downplayers are always trying to down play someone else’s contributions, skills, achievements, accomplishments, wins and in severe cases- worth.

Downplayers are the ones who would’ve seen Jesus walking on water and would’ve sworn it was because he couldn’t swim.

Down players would’ve witnessed David defeat Goliath and would’ve call it a ‘struck of luck.’

Downplayers will see one team when a championship and claim its because the other teams worst member was out sick.

More practically down players will claim affirmative action, nepotism, the fact that one is pretty or handsome, the fact that one is charming or charasmatic, and any and everything else besides skills and hard work as the reason one has garnered the opportunities that he or she has.

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