Does Having Self Control Mean That You Allow Yourself To Be Disrespected At Work? No, it does not.

Having self control does not mean you can not establish boundaries, engage in self defense or ever fight back.

Having self control means you don’t let your emotions control you. You’re not ruled by anger, feelings of retaliation or a need for vindication.

When you have self control, you don’t need to cause others pain and harm no matter how much pain and harm they have caused you.

When you practice self control, you’re rational. You’re not easily rattled. You’re not easily angered. You’re able to overlook an offense.

When you have self control you don’t allow others or the circumstances that others create to pull your strings or to control your thoughts or behavior.

When you exhibit self control, you’re mindful, you’re intelligent, you’re calm, you’re spiritually mature, you’re fearless, you’re faithful, you’re cautious, you’re discerning, you’re dependent on God, you seek His wisdom, you’re obedient to His word, you’re prayerful, you’re patient for clear direction, you’re a beacon of love, peace and light in the face of hatred, evil and a world of darkness.

When you practice self control, you are an overcomer and can withstand the temptation and baiting by the demons Satan has placed on your job.

You can have self control at work, school, home, church, in the streets, on vacation, while driving and beyond. You can have power and self control at all times.

My loves if you lack it, haven’t mastered it, are struggling to attain it, don’t know how to get it, then please realize it takes time. You don’t wake up out the blue and be a master of anything. Start by praying and asking God for it. Ask Him to guide your way and give you strength to act in the fruit of the spirit at all times. Ask Him to show you how to practically apply self control within your life and career.

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Self control is a fruit of the spirit. Self control will give you peace in the face of persecution and confidence in the Lord in all His ways.

He loves you, protects, you and provides for you. Trust Him. He loves you so much.

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