Do You and Don’t Worry – Working In Corporate America
Corporate Life – Know What You Can and Cannot Control

Do you, be true to yourself, walk with integrity and grace and don’t wory about anything else

Let’s discuss a few

people who learned to “do you, be true, walk with integrity and grace and live worry free.”

1. A faithfully worked for his company in various staff level positiions for 17 years before being promoted to his first managerial position. He had applied many times for internal opportunities before over the years and had been rejected time and time again. He accepted the rejections as simply “it wasn’t the time for me” to have those roles yet. He didn’t internalize the rejections as a matter that he wasn’t able to do the roles. He knew his worth and was more than capable of doing the jobs. He didn’t let the rejections define him. Once he got his first managerial role, within a few years he became a C level executive within a 200 million dollar division of a multi billion dollar organization.

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