Creating A Joyous Work Environment

Rejoicing At Work

How can you have a joyous work environment regardless of the company that you work at?


As alway you have to realize that joy is intrinsic. You have to rejoice at all times and in all places. Your amount of joy should not flip flop based on the world around you. You have no control over those you work with and the nonsense they do or the culture of the organization that you work within. Culture is set from and supported top down. You do have control over your actions and reactions, however. So what can you do to create a joyous work environment? Here are a few tips:

  1. Realize joy is intrinsic, You can not alter external factors but like Lauren Hill said you need to be right within my friend. “How you gonna win, when you ain’t right within?” Same goes for joy. You can not have joy if you ain’t right within.
  2. Be kind to everyone. Avoid responding in kind.
  3. Let ’em win. Everything doesn’t require a response, proof or justification. Willingly, take a L every now and then in order to maintain your joy.
  4. Be of service to others.
  5. Ignore offenses. Along with number 2 ignore offenses. Don’t breath life into them or the nonsense that they bring your way by providing a response.
  6. Listen to music. Music is theraputic. If there world around you is chaotic don’t let it steal your joy. Tune it out with music and feel your spirit with joy.
  7. Decorate your workspace. Have a happy, lively, personalized workspace. Decorate it with things you love and things that bring you joy.
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If you have any other tips on creating a joyous work environment, then comment below.

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