Sense Check: How often do you test your senses?

Don’t be so eager for drama and nonsense that you lack common sense. Don’t be so thirsty for chaos and conflict that it clouds your common sense. Don’t phen for gossip so much that you allow your mind to be manipulated by those who have no sense. Don’t you know the law of numbers don’t allow for that frequent a coincidence. Once is an accident, no more than twice is a coincidence. When it keep happening over and over does it really make sense? Don’t you know the wicked create problems and the miserable love when you share their feelings or lack of sense. Do you really think that person their destroying has no sense? Think through their motives to check a sense. Sight is a sense. Hearing is a sense. Truth lies in neither. Ask yourself does it make sense? Ask yourself what would make better sense? Is there another option that makes more sense? Then peel back the onion until you have a true sense. Ask God to give you wisdom or spiritual common sense. If you ain’t got none get some basic sense.

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