Who are corporate psychopaths?

Some stir up drama in order to fulfill their need for attention and chaos. They go around spreading rumors and telling lies. They stir the pot in hopes of it boiling over. They do things out of spite, hatred, jealously, for attention, to gain influence, to cause harm to others, to gain status, and to create a sense of identity.

They denigrate, demean and ridicule others. They enlist others to share in their negativity and to help carry out their nonsense. They encourage others to join in on their name calling, shaming, rumor spreading, lie telling in an attempt to tear down their target.

They’re vile and offensive. They are a pure embarrassment to human kind.

They’re evasive, conniving, convincing and will avoid responsibility for they’re actions at all costs.

They are experts at manipulation, exaggeration and playing the victim. They’re vicious tactics are never ending.

They come in all shape and sizes but tend to be petty pathetic women and insecure vengeful men.

Why would anyone want to deal with someone who’s basis for life is being in a bunch of mess and tearing others down.

Don’t deal with them. Politely avoid them.


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