Company Volunteer Opportunities – Do Good At Work

Julie was excited to see an email stating that her company was looking for volunteers to go feed the homeless at a local shelter. She decided to join them. She met many of her colleagues at the shelter one Saturday morning and they prepared meals for over 200 people in need. She continued to volunteer with the group throughout the year. Julie truly enjoyed serving her community. It was great that the company she worked for offered such opportunities for its employees. Her company was really looked upon favorably throughout the community and Julie was proud to work their.

Moral of the story: Look for opportunities to give back. Reach out to your company HR group to see if they offer such community service programs. If not, see if you can start a community service club at your organization. You have been blessed. Look for opportunities to bless others. Have a heart for doing good. Goodness and favor abound within you. Whether at work or in your personal life, don’t hesistate to do good and be blessing to others.

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