Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Work

Is it okay to celebrate Valentines Day at work? What is the best way to celebrate Valentines Day on your job?

Love isn’t only romantic and familial. We are commanded to love our neighbors and enemies as well. Neighbors include those we share office space with at work.

Celebrating Valentine’s day at work is not as common as celebrating Christmas, Easter, 4th of July or Halloween. There is no need for individualized gifts. Giving, dedicated cards and candy boxes stopped in the fifth grade or whenever you started having to go to multiple classrooms throughout the day.

If you want to spread the love to those you share your office with feel free to decorate your workspace, bring in some Valentine’s Day themed cupcakes, cookies or chocolate or suggest a potluck where everyone takes part in the action.

If you want to celebrate by sending your significant other flowers or candy or have your spouse or mate send those items to you, then just check with the office manager on the correct protocol for deliveries. Getting something delivered for yourself or your honey on Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an issue in most white collar work environments. If your spouse works in a blue collar environment you may want to wait and exchange gifts at home.

Have a great Valentine’s Day and spread the love with everyone you encounter.

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