Hi my loves. Just wanted to wish you all a very Happy

4th of July. 4th of July is summer time fun at is finest. Hope you all are enjoying a good cookout or BBQ with great food, plenty of family and friends and encountering personal and professional indepence. This is the land of the free. Declare it.

Declaration of Freedom 

I have freedom of thought

I have freedom of religion

I have freedom to have a voice

I have freedom of choice

I have freedom from hurts

I have freedom from fear

I have all the freedoms I want my dear

I have freedom to dream

I have freedom to love

I have from from strongholds

I have freedom to be bold

I have freedom from the brothers – oh so Ice Cold

I have freedom to create

I have freedom to innovate

I have freedom of expression

I have freedom from oppression

I have freedom from depression

I have freedom to allow God to fight my battles

I have freedom to stand out from the cattle

Moo Moo Moo Move out my way 

I have freedom to travel

I have freedom to every once and a while unravel

I have freedom to have good health

I have freedom to acquire wealth

I have freedom to be stealth

I have freedom to watch the birds

I have freedom to be a bird

I have freedom to be an eagle, I fly above all all the drama que Kandi

I have freedom to be a phoenix, My lungs are clear, I don’t even smell of smoke

I have freedom to run through the meadows

I have freedom to stop and smell the roses

I have freedom to just sit still

I have freedom to stay aligned with God’s will

I have freedom to ignore nonsense

I have freedom to just not care

I have freedom to accept a dare

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I have freedom to stay happy and in love with life even when its note fair

I have freedom to knock back after I’ve warned you “Beware”

I have freedom to to relax, renew, release

I have freedom to stay in peace

I have freedom to stay in God’s grace

I have freedom to know its a marathon not a sprint race

I have freedom to just be me

I have freedom to know being me is the best thing in life there is to be

I have freedom from from sin

I have freedom to know in His likeness I am made

I have from to stay prayed up and aligned with God to ensure I always come out with a win


May God bless you, May God bless me, May God bless America.


Comment below your plans for the 4th. Comment below practical steps of making your declarations a reality.


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