Career Resolutions 2015 CAREER RESOLUTIONS Take Your Career To The Next Level This New Year 2015 - Seven Effective Ways To Improve Your Corporate Career That Can Lead To Job Promotions and Salary Increases first generation corporate careers FGCC


Take Your Career To The Next Level This New Year 2015 – Seven Effective Ways To Improve Your Corporate Career That Can Lead To Job Promotions and Salary Increases

 Career Resolutions 2015 CAREER RESOLUTIONS Take Your Career To The Next Level This New Year 2015 - Seven Effective Ways To Improve Your Corporate Career That Can Lead To Job Promotions and Salary Increases first generation corporate careers FGCC

Are you ready to take your career to the next level in 2015? Have you made a career resolution but aren’t sure how to go about accomplishing your goals? Detailed below are seven effective ways to improve your corporate career which can undoubtedly lead to job promotions and increases in salary or wages.

1. Toot your own horn – Corporate America is no place to be shy or humble.

Toot Your Own Horn In Corporate America

You should be speaking of your accomplishments every chance you get. If a senior executive passes you in the hall and says “How’s it going?” respond with “Great! I just finished the monthly report detailing XYZ which I’m sure you’ll love. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but it will surely surpass everyones expectations.” If someone in another deportment or functional area inquires “How’s your team?” Don’t be shy and most definitely don’t be rude or negative. Let them know that your teams is a talented group that takes on very difficult yet progressive projects and tasks to help the organization be a success at ABC and KLMNOP. You don’t have to wait for an annual review to toot your own horn. Do it everyday as much as possible.


The best offense is a good defense so always let your colleagues know what your working on and how good of a job you’re doing. This will show that your a consistent hard working professional who’s worthy of promotion and high earnings. Plus if anyone ever attempts to bad mouth you no one will believe the hater as you’ve already branded yourself as an accomplished diligent hard worker.

2. Keep a Continuous Improvement Process Mindset (CIP) –

CIP Mindset


There a few words more cherished in the minds of corporate executives than continuous process improvement. Managers don’t only want to see you doing your job or completing your assigned tasks but they also like to know that you’re doing it faster and better than your predecessor and competitors. So if you know how to improve an area of operations or how to best implement a strategy volunteer to complete the tasks. Don’t be afraid to take on as many continuous improvement projects as you can handle. It’ll make you shine like the brightest star in the sky. Plus you’ll have good stories for future behavioral interviews as well as you’ll have quantifiable results to argue your case for promotion and salary raises year over year.

3. Become A Company Wide Subject Matter Expert (SME) – If you want to stand out from your peers like the sun peering through the sea of black and grey clouds on a rainy day then become known as the subject matter expert for your field of expertise within your organization. If you have expertise in an area volunteer to teach a lunch and learn or volunteer to contribute to projects where your skills are needed. For examples, If you’re a Six Sigma Black Belt professional then volunteer for projects on plant line expansions or  if you’re a Chartered Finance Analyst or CFA work with the purchasing department on their new investment initiatives or if you can put together a good power point presentation like no other person walking this earth then teach a class during lunch that showcases some of your favorite features. During downturns and times of layoff SMEs who have proven themselves indispensable will be the last to be let go.

4. Train New Staff –

Helping Others Helps Ourselves Train New Staff as A Effetive Way To Climb The Corporate Ladder and Have A Successful Career In Corporate America

The best way to prove that you know what you’re doing is by teaching someone else how to do it. If a new person has joined your team then be sure to take them under your wing. Teach them what you know. You’ll gain an ally for life plus you’ll score some brownie points with your boss and other execs. If you really want to sparkle like bright gold eye shadow glitter then write process documentations that can be used to train others for years to come. When you’re CEO or VP asks “How’s it going?” be sure to say “Great! I’m just training Timmy who recently joined our team. I want to make sure that he has all the tools and resources needed to be successful at his job. I enjoy training and sharing knowledge with others so much that I’ve written professional training documentations that will help new employees who join our firm for many years to come.” If you do this right when it’s time for salary raises and succession planning  your CEO or VP will remember that convo that the two of you had in passing and will be more likely to give you your deserved share or the salary raise pool. Plus you’re name will be highlighted for promotions in throughout the succession planning files.

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Where is your career headed in the new year 2015 career resolutions for the new year first generation corporate careers FGCC

5. Get A New Professional Certification – While nothing beats experience when deciding between two individuals with the same or nearly equivalent experience and education, professional certifications may be the deciding factor. Ignoring factors such as favoritism and nepotism a certification can really be a tie breaker. Be sure to research your functional area of expertise and get as many relevant certifications as possible. If you’re company will pay for them even better. Most human resource professionals will agree that professional certification can only help you in your quest of career advancement and salary increases. If you work in accounting for example in addition to the well known CPA, there is the IMA Certified Management Accountant (CMA) designation, the CFA Institute Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential, the Certified Internal Auditor Certification (CIA) and several others. The most relevant will depend on a variety of factors including your specialty and industry.

6. Ask For A Job Promotion and Raise –

Ask for Job Promotions Salary Raises and Wage Increases if you want to be Successful in corporate America first generation corporate careers FGCC




If you’ve been working hard, tooting your own horn, improving processes, establishing yourself as a indispensable SME, training new comers and staying abreast through completing continuing education courses and gaining the best professional certification and the powers to be still have not given you a deserved raise or promotion then you need to come right out and ask for it. They can only say yes, no or maybe later. At least you’ll know where you stand with your company and will be able to make the best career decisions for yourself moving forward.



7. Look for a Job Externally –

Look for a new job externally may be the only way to get a promotion or a raise salary or wage increase career resolutions first generation corporate careers

Most people including employers, bosses, managers and other execs don’t realize the value of what they have until it’s gone. Sometimes the only way to get a promotion and more money is to get a position with a new company. Don’t feel bad. If. You’ve busted your butt for an employer who doesn’t believe in providing associated rewards and benefits like job promotions and salary raises then you may need to find another employer who knows your worth. They’ll miss you when youre gone and you’ll get the respect, promotion and money that you deserve.





Well, what do you think? Have you used any of these techniques before? Which are you most excited about implementing into you career planning strategy next to take you through 2015 and beyond? Let us know your situation and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Wishing you a very successful and blessed 2015. May your career continue to grow and prosper in ways beyond your wildest imagination.





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