Is it possible to get a job in Corporate America without

a college degree? Can you have a successful career in Corporate America without a degree?

While, my first inclination is to say absolutely, sound judgement lends me to say it depends. We all know of the major success stories of those who have gone on to start some of the largest companies in the world without having gone to or having finished college. Let’s agree that theyre the exception and not the rule. Additionally, most of them aren’t building their companies by hiring a bunch of other people without college degrees. They hire or employ people from the top universities in the world who graduated at the top of their classes. 

I would argue that its easiest to get a job in Corporate America and to excel up the ranks in a social or people oriented role such as sales. Perhaps, marketing. Also, creative roles may not be as strict with the education requirements. The more technical the role and the more licenses or certifications that one has to have the more difficult it will be to get a job in or climb the ladder within Corporate America without a degree.

So to answer the initial question, yes, it is possible to get a job in Corporate America without a college degree and to have a successful career. 

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