Boss Trash Talks Boss

Recently while meeting with my boss she went into a vicious tirade about her boss and other executives. What should I do or what should I have done?

Well let’s acknowledge the fact that everyone including your boss is human and may occasionally get frustrated. Sometimes people act in inappropriate ways to let it out. It’s definitely unprofessional for your boss to trash talk his or her boss and other superiors in front of you. He or she should have sought the trusted advice of a mentor, family member, pastor or friend. But since it happened just show grace.

If cornered listen when you have to but don’t engage.

Also realize that if her or she was careless enough to talk about them in front of you then he or she will be even more careless to talk about you in front of them. If he trash talks to you he will trash talk about you. #FACTS

Stay in peace and pray for God’s guidance in this regard.

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