There are many benefits and a few drawbacks to meal prepping your lunch for the week. Let’s explore the former. Here are five benefits for meal prepping

Meal Prepping

1. Save time – If you prepare your meals in advance for the entire week you save time from having to go and grab lunch and have more time to focus on your kids, spouse, family, friends and colleagues during the week

2. Healthy Menu Options – If you set and prepare your menu in advance your won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy substitutes

3. Portion Control – No seconds or thirds with meal prep. The focus is on portion control

4. Less Stress – Indecision gets removed from the equation with meal prepping. Your trips to the grocery store will become easier.

5. Saves money – It can be more economical to prepare and bring your meals to work than having to go out and spend money each day

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