What can one do when being insulted and disrespected at work or when one has experienced countless offense by colleagues?

Well its easy to slap this mess out of the person that gets up in your face or to cuss them the f— out. But that ain’t of the Lord. Let me suggest to you to try and have a bit of self control. There is so much power and honor in ignoring an offense. It’s hard my loves but there is power and peace in overlooking an insult and to not responding in kind to an offense. Let them have their “moment.” Wop dee doo. Let them do whatever it is that they do. But you stay in peace. Bite your tongue. Hold on to your morals, integrity, and peace. Your treasures my loves are in heaven. Gal 6:9. Tit 2:2-7


Comment below on your experiences in this regard. 

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