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Well, First Generation Corporate Careers or FGCC is an online global community of current, former, and hopeful corporate professionals sharing knowledge, resources and experiences. FGCC tackles all topics related to Corporate America. At FGCC you can find tips and advice related to finding a job, maintaining a job, getting promoted in a job, earning the most possible for a job through salary negotiations, and for building relationships with one’s boss and colleagues. Through FGCC one will find hope, strength, encouragement, love, peace, motivation and the freedom to be oneself. There is also fun and games through proprietary FGCC trivia, riddles, puzzles, and online celebrations. We provide musical playlist to help get you through the day. FGCC takes on pop culture and all the latest celebrity news and events by analyzing how their (the celebrities) experiences have practical corporate applications and career lessons to be learned. Be sure to join the FGCC community now.

At FGCC, we are CONNECTED to like minded individuals throughout the world, PROTECTED mentally, spiritually, emotionally, financially and physically, LOVED by God in the form of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we stay AT PEACE, we know SUCCESS is individually defined and with God inevitably achieved. #ProudGhettoRoots

We are proud of where we come from, and we honor our journey along the way. We say #Proud_Roots. Where each of us fill in the '_' blank as we choose. Whether it is #ProudGhettoRoots #ProudNYCRoots #ProudCountryRoots #ProudAfricanRoots  #ProudCarribeanRoots #ProudUrbanRoots #ProudMexicanRoots #ProudSingleMotherRoots #ProudLatinoRoots #ProudEuropeanRoots #ProudAsianRoots #ProudSingleFatherRoots #ProudBrokenHomeRoots #ProudPerfectRoots #ProudWealthyRoots #ProudBlackAmericanRoots #ProudAustralianRoots #ProudPacificIslanderRoots #ProudNativeAmericanRoots #ProudChristianRoots #ProudCatholicRoots #ProudJewishRoots or something else we honor our '_' roots.

We know that we have an obligation to help others along the way. We know that none of us, not one, has reached our level of success all on our own.

We know that if God be for us, who can be against us? Nobody.

Remember, my loves, Jesus loves you and so does the staff and contributors of FGCC.

Be blessed.

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We do not have any form of social media as noted in our FAQ, but feel free to share our content using the social media share icons displayed on all posts and images of this sites. Also, feel free to socialize or network with other members of the FGCC community throughout the world by joining FGCC