When deciding on a career on nursing, one must consider the level they want to practice at, the environment they want to practice in, and the type of work that one want to complete. Besides working in an hospital or clinic, we’ve included 7 non traditional corporate orieinted or based nursing career ideas. Please review and comment below. 

  1. Levels CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant), LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse), RN (Registered Nurse), NP (Nurse Practitioner)
  2. Locations Outside of Traditional Hospitals and Clinics (Home Health Nurse, Cruise Nurse, Flight Nurse, School Nurses, Travelling Nurses, Camp Nurse, Prison Nurse)
  3. Specialties – Lactation, Neo Natal, Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Oncology, Plasma or Blood Bank, Toxicology, Disaster Relief, Forensics, Psychiatric Care, Diabetes Management, Occupational Health, Hospice Care, Managed Care, Burn Unit, Rehabilitation Care, Anesthesia, Health Coaching, Paramedic or Ambulatory Care
  4. 7 Non Traditional Corporate Oriented or Corporate Based Nursing Career Ideas
  1. Researcher
  2. Health Representative at Conferences as Speaker, Marketing, or Sales
  3. Teacher
  4. Grant Writing
  5. Lobbyist
  6. Consultant
  7. Health Administration

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