59 Ways In Which Those In Corporate America Use Their Power For Good and Evil

Ways In Which Those In Corporate America Use Their Power For Good

1. Helping others develop in their career through mentoring
2. Helping others develop in their career through sponsoring them
3. Partnering with and supporting the local community
4. Participating in and sponsoring outreach programs (i.e. mentoring high school and college students)
5. Financially supporting scholarship foundations
6. Hosting internship and coop programs
7. Supporting the disenfranchised such as wounded warriors, military transitions to corporate work forces, welfare recipients,
8. Sponsorships for sporting events, conferences, races, …
9. Donating products
10. Donating money for good causes around the world
11. Supporting disaster relief efforts
12. Protecting the environment
13. Providing products/ services that serve the greater good

Ways In Which Those In Corporate America Use Their Power For Evil

18. Bullying
19. Harassment
20. Stalking
21. Blackballing justly or unjustly ruining the reputation of another through rumors, lies, falsehoods
22. Physical Abuse
23. Corporate Hazing
24. Force outs
25. Plotting and scheming against others
26. Quid pro quo relationships
27. Discrimination
28. Preferential Treatment through good ol’ boys clubs
29. Extortion
30. Kickbacks
31. Threatening others
32. Disrespecting other
33. Intimidation tactics
34. Dangling carrots
35. Establishing “with us or against us” type cultures
36. Corporate deceit
37. Forcing inappropriate relationships
38. Establishing cultures of fear
39. Public embarrassment
40. Creating and supporting mob like cultures
41. Private or public shaming
42. Scarlett lettering
43. Killing communities through (gentrification )
44. Destroying environments (pollution or climate warfare)
45. Destroying land illegally (i.e. Pipeline through Native American land)
46. Establishing “cancel” cultures
47. Invading the privacy of employees through placing gps trackers on their personal cars, wire taping their personal phone, hacking their personal computer
48. Tearing down others
49. Destroying others self esteem or self confidence
50. Creating a culture of “Exposing” or exposes
51. Immoral and unethical uses of influence
52. Acts of manipulation
53. Ostracization or isolation
54. Hindering the professional progress of others
55. Forcing others to do their dirty work
56. Emotional and mental manipulation
57. Creating a toxic environment
58. Turning employees against one another
59. Other intimidation or scare tactics

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