We’ve reached a time where the word ally is all the wave. Signs in windows, bumper stickers, social media post, articles, all with allies support racial and social injustice causes such as Black Lives Matter have become very prominent. But let’s make sure is more than a photo opp. More than just lip service. Let’s make sure the heart desires to be an ally become practically implemented in real life. Note the following 39 practical ways to be an ally in Corporate America and Beyond to Black brethren and other people of color.

1. Acknowledge that systemic racism exists and that daily injustices occur
2. Realize change is possible. Everyone can turn from their hateful, wicked, evil, low down dirty ways. Just pray and seek advice in becoming a better person.
3. Reflect on your past unjust, unfair or unbecoming actions and ask the Lord for forgiveness and don’t repeat those deeds
4. Be aware of your internal biases and stereotypes that you buy into
5. Seek professional help for your irrational fears
6. Pray for a renewed mind and a clean heart
7. Don’t involve yourself in conversations that are geared towards tearing Blacks and other POC down
8. Stop being a bully
9. Stop being irrationally hateful, vindictive and vengeful
10. Don’t engage in, laugh at or otherwise support racist jokes or comments
11. Recognize and understand the privilege that you possess and use it for the overall good and betterment of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) cause as well as other social injustice causes
12. Acknowledge that if you can see, you see color
13. Realize ignoring differences, diminishes us all
14. Listen
15. Be mindful
16. Don’t flip flop and be two faced
17. Stay consistent
18. Don’t be a crab in the barrel. Don’t at the drop of the hate be so willing to pull your black brethren and other people of color down
19. Validate others’ experiences and concerns
20. Donate to change organizations and think tanks
21. Speak up for others
22. Realize that everyone is not like you, doesn’t think like you, and doesn’t share your believes and that is okay
23. Know that there is beauty in diversity
24. Encourage programs that help increase racial diversity where you work and volunteer to be part of such programs
25. Be a mentor
26. Be a career sponsor
27. Educate yourself on causes
28. Study the history of Jim Crow, slavery, segregation, and race relations in the U.S. and colonialism and apartheid in other parts of the world
29. Sign petitions geared towards changes that benefit Black brethren and other people of color
30. Support voting rights
31. Support prison and criminal justice reform
32. Support laws and budget changes to equalize public education funding
33. Hire Black professionals and promote Black Executives
34. Don’t work to destroy, demonize, ostracize or otherwise tear down Blacks once hired
35. Promote equal pay across race and gender
36. Don’t move out when Blacks move in; Stop white flight
37. Change the effects of gentrification that are causing mass exodus and displacement of Blacks and other POC
38. Don’t turn into a psychotic stalker who harasses people and shows up outside of their homes
39. Don’t go on destruction campaigns for people of color or others

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