2018 Career Resolution #1

– Find A Mentor or Mentor Someone Else

One of the essential variables lending to career success is mentoring. Many first generation corporateers often overlook the importance of having a mentor. When you are new to the workforce you dont know what you dont know. Newbies don’t inheritly understand that situations

are handled differently in the corporate world than they are in the medical field, government sector or in the world of academia. Mentors can help you seamlessly transition into the workforce and advise you as you climb the corporate ladder. Mentors can advocate for you and sponsor you for new roles. Mentor can be a sounding board when any problems or opportunities arise.

While some corporate organizations offer formal mentoring mentoring programs many do not. Dont be afraid to ask someone who’s more experienced within your organization to serve as your mentor. Perhaps invite them to lunch once a quarter to check in and bounce ideas off of them. If there isnt anyone in your organization that you can trust or confide in seek mentors within any professional organizations that you may belong to. Ask your HR department what may be available for workers at your company. 

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