They’ll try and get you to argue but don’t be easily provoked. The following areĀ  15 reasons why you should not argue or engage in arguments at work with others


1. Engaging in arguments validates your antagonist’s concerns
2. Accepting an invitation to argue is accepting an invitation to stress, worry, be unwillingly concerned and unnecessarily angered
3. Arguing is never win win. It’s always either loose loose, loose win or at best a stalemate (i.e. – let’s agree to disagree)
4. Succumbing to participate in an argument or verbal fight is succumbing to the control of the opponent
5. Once you’ve decide to argue, you’ve lost the battle for self control and self discipline before you’re opened your mouth
6. You have better things to do with your time
7. You have more fruitful ways to dispense your energy
8. The one you’re arguing with isn’t trying to do anything but get you upset, make you share in his or her misery, and or pull you out of character
9. You will become as low as the other person. Remember former FLOTUS words “When they go low, we go high.”
10. A witness will just see two fools or even yet just one in you, if the antagonist falls silent which they often do as soon as you start to get in that @$$
11. Arguing is an unnecessary distraction and will take your mind and focus off what you’re employed or hired you to accomplish
12. Your focus should be on work
13. It’s okay to just let others believe they are aright. You don’t always have to fight to prove your point
14. You have a right not to engage. You don’t have to argue. It’s a choice
15. It’s biblical not to argue (Ref 2 Tim 2:23-24, Rom 12:19. Pro 26:4, Pro 29:11, Pro 23:9, Rom 14:1, Tit 3:9, Pro 20:3, Exo 14:14, Phi 2:14, Pro 26:7)

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