10 Lessons Learned About Business From Strippers

Some of my favorite YouTube personalities to watch happen to have worked as or work as strippers. These individuals are so amazing. I love watching their content. They are beautiful. Smart. Charismatic. Caring. Charming. Business Minded. And at times Admirably Intriguingly Complex.

They're so motivating and offer a lot of wisdom and informational nuggets for success. They are absolutely wonderful. They truly got it going on.

As with most content that I watch, I always look at it from a lens of, "does anything that is being presented apply to working in Corporate America?"

I would say "Yes, absolutely." The following list is just a compilation of nuggets or lessons learned about business gathered from watching their content over the years.


10 Lessons Learned About Business From Strippers

  1. Be Business Minded - While it is okay to have fun at work, realize that work is not all fun and games. You're not there to make friends. Be kind and friendly to all but keep your eye on the prize. When at work focus on doing a good job and making the most money possible. Be about your paper. Be professional, be respectful, be about your business and be about getting that bag. Learn what it takes to be successful at your job and do that. Seek mentors and advice from others when need be. Know your goals or reasoning for taking the job and focus on achieving both your short and long term goals each and everyday.
  2. Find A Club/ Business Where You Fit In - Every club, corporation, group, team, department ain't for everybody. Know yourself and know the organization that you want to join and don't force the two fit. Explore multiple companies or clubs before you choose one. Choose the one where you will fit in at culturally and the one where you believe you will earn the most money. The last thing anyone wants to do is go to work everyday and be miserable because they don't fit in and don't get along with the other workers, the bosses, the support staff. The cultural fit between and employee and an organization is important. You'll earn the most where you have the most support for being successful. This doesn't mean one shouldn't individually seek to stand out or differentiate oneself, it just means don't make it hard for yourself by joining a club or company that isn't a match for you as a person or in line with what you want to achieve professionally.
  3. Set Daily Goals - Know what you aim to achieve each and every time you go to work. If you want to earn $X a day, know what needs to be done to get to that goal. This is true in Corporate America as well. Everyone is given annual targets, break down your annual targets into monthly goals and your monthly goals into daily goals and be sure to work at meeting those daily goals. Know what it will take the following day or the following days if any daily goal is missed to achieve your overall target.
  4.  Know Your Target Customer Base - Every business in the world has a customer base. There are sellers or providers and consumers or customers. Whatever the product is, you have to target the offering to the customer. Does the customer like a certain packaging for the product? Is one packaging better than the next? What marketing and sales techniques need to be done to close the deal or get the business from that customer? Always know your customer and cater to him or her.
  5.  Build Rapport/ Be Personable - It's important to not be all about business. People do business with people they like. People do business with their friends. People like to feel like you care and want to get to know them. I was always taught to start every business meeting whether an interview or a recurring meeting with a few minutes of just building rapport. A couple minutes of just shooting the breeze and asking how someone's day has been going goes a long way. It lightens the mood and opens people up to talk about and do the business at hand. Now don't spend all day shooting the breeze. You need to get to business at some point. So, learn how to smoothly transition the conversation along. A couple minutes of rapport building, then get to business.
  6. Always Upsell - It's Sales 101 my loves. Always upsell. Any company or corporation doing business should know the art of upselling. If a person comes into a furniture store and wants a bed, ask them if they would like the matching dressing and chaise lounge chair. A large portion of any business is upselling. Maximize the sales from each customer. Getting a customer to spend $1,000 can be a lot less work than finding 10 customers to spend $100 each. Years ago when I was in sales, we learned, customers really don't know what they want. It's up to the business owner or the sales person to find out their wants and needs and to offer them the products to suit their needs. Upselling works in every business regardless of the industry. Upselling is simply offering additional services that are complementary to what the customer has asked for. In the club it could be offering an additional dance, in other businesses it can be a higher quantity of an item or another item that the customer hadn't thought of. Always upsell.
  7. Seek Repeat Business - Any person who has ever been in business will tell you it takes a lot of time and money to acquire a new customer. Its advantageous to get the customers you already have had to come back for more. Build a loyal customer or client base by doing a good job and have your customers wanting to do business with you over and over again.
  8.  Look Good - I don't know if its a proven fact or not but I would argue that good looking people make more money at the club and throughout Corporate America. I haven't seen too many busted up, broken down looking executives who weren't there as a result of nepotism. Always look your best. It pays dividends in return. People are more willing to spend a million bucks on someone who looks a million bucks. There are people who hire for eye candy throughout Corporate America. Looks are discussed during candidate screenings and interview processes. It is what it is. Always look your best and practice good personal hygiene.
  9.  Expect Business Slowdowns - Business ain't great everyday. There are ebs and flows, highs and lows, peaks and valleys, hills and troughs, good days and not so good days. There are seasonal slowdowns, holidays, slow days due to weather, slow days due to your competitors offering promotions, ... the list of reasons goes on and on. The best thing to do is plan for slow days. Keep working hard and pray that tomorrow will make up for any losses today. Keep your head up and know that it will all more than likely level out in the end.
  10.  Every Job and Business Has A Life Cycle - Look, no job lasts for ever. Plan for it. Ageism just doesn't happen in the adult entertainment industry. It happens in Corporate America too. You don't see a lot of very old non high level executives in Corporate America. There are industry notorious for having 'up or out' types of cultures. People leave and go into business for themselves, join non profits, become teachers or professors or what have you. Always have a back up plan. No job lasts forever. Don't spend all your money made during your highest earning years. In Corporate America that highest earning years timeframe is probably 30 - 45 years of age possibly to 50. People start to age discriminate in most industries around age 40. Definitely by age 50. Just be prepared most importantly financially but also emotionally and spiritually for when the time comes to move on ...
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So, my loves be sure to check out some of my favorite YouTubers in this realm. Show them some love. They're all amazing and so inspiring. Look for Tiffany B, Christina Villegas, Jazzmen Black and Being Christina. If you have any other business minded YouTubers in this realm to recommend leave them in the comments below. Let us know your thoughts on the list of lessons learned in the comments below.

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