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Becoming Pinocchio The Puppet At Work In Corporate America - One of The Many Types of Coworkers

Ever watch a puppet master? A true manipulator at work? A Dr. Evil

The Over-sharer - Type of Coworker Who Insists On Telling You About Any and Everything That They Have Ever Done or Plan To Do

What is an oversharer

The Cheater - Handling The Type of Coworker Who Cheats The System In Corporate America

Remember that guy in high school who would cheat on tests? He always schemed and fast talked his way

The Liar - I Work With Pinochio The Story Teller

Remember growing up when someone would tell a lie you would say

The Ditch Digger At Work

The ditch digger at work is that one colleague who is always

The Lush - Managing Up A Coworker Who Likes To Have A Cocktail Or Two

Once upon a time I had a boss who liked to drink.

Employer Watching My Every Move - Big Brother and Enemy of The State Style

My boss told me that the powers that

My Arch Nemesis Has Just Been Promoted To Be My Boss

My arch nemesis at work was just promoted to be my boss. What to do? Is it safe to work for my archnemesis? Comment below, "Had it been me, ...?"

The Talker - Handling All The Various Types of Talkers You'll Encounter At Work

Words are powerful. Words are strong. Words are controlling if you

Welcome The Violator To The Team

The violator is that employee who has no respect for boundaries. He or she repeatedly

Colgate Bright White Smile - Employer Requires Perfect Teeth for Promotion

Do smiles matter? Do you need to have perfectly straight teeth