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Rise and Shine Today Is A Good Day

"Just waking up in the morning, gotta thank God." Rise

Good Birthday Gift Ideas for Coworker 

Today is my bff

Aoki Lee Simmons, the daughter or Russel Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons recently took to social media to vent about a racist bully

Friday Wind Down - Be Kind, Make A Positive Impactful Change

Happy Friday. Yes, It's Friday. Joyous, happy, glorious,

Kill Them With Kindness - At Work In Corporate America

Kill Them With Kindness. What Does That Even Mean?

Kind Acts At Work 

Acts of Kindness On The Job

Being kind is easy, right? Well, it's easy to be kind to those you

Unexpected Overtime Unexpected Rewards


One day Gary and his team were working late on a project that had

Rise and Shine It's The First Week of Daylight Savings Time 2019

Time to Brighten Your Day. Rise and Shine, It's Was A

Tips For Being Patient At Work

What Does It Mean To Be Patient At Work?

Being patient is more than

What Are The Things or Who Are The People That Test Your Patience At Work?

In the words of Tamar have you ever thought "They tried it!" Who or what is trying your patience in your office?