Blue Flower

Why Do People Lurk?

What are the motivations behind lurking coworkers?

Peace Stealers At Work

What Is Keeping You From Staying In Peace?

Let's start by defining peace.

Big Time Pusher On The Premises - This Sly Guy At My Job Is Always Pushing Someone Else To Do His Work

Years ago, I use to work with this guy that everyone

Dealing with lingering coworkers who are always lingering around


Have you ever experienced the following?
You're busy at work. You have to get a report or presentation out within the next hour and it'll take that or more time to finish. Or perhaps you're trying to finish up something so you can meet a friend for lunch or

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Have you had a job interview lately? Which interview questions do you dread the most? For myself and many others we start to get anxious towards the end of the interview because we know what's coming. Interviewers and hiring managers often times try to be slick and sneak it in right before they wrap things up. You know what I'm talking about.

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