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When Millennials Take Over Preparing For The Ridiculously Optimistic Future Of Business written By Jamie Notter and Maddie Grant 24.95 Book Absolutely FREE

When Millennials Take Over: Preparing For The Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business


Working with and for individuals of a different generation is a very interesting and challenging thing to occur. Each generation has different way of completing tasks and varying preferred communication styles. So how does one successful maneuver through Corporate America when working with such diverse populations? 

What Does It Mean When An Interviewer Says "We'll Be In Touch" So you went on an interview. It felt like it went great.

What is the price of gold?

My coworker has nowhere to go for Thanksgiving

Earn Your CERs continuing education requirements

2018 Career Resolutions #7 CERs

- Meet your continuing education requirements

Most professional certifications require that you complete a certain amount of ongoing courses to maintain the certification designation. These courses are often referred to as

Aoki Lee Simmons, the daughter or Russel Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons recently took to social media to vent about a racist bully