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Happy Friday. Praise the Lord it's Friday. Thank you

Thankful Challenge – 5 People, Groups, or Events That Have Helped You Reach the Top

No One Reaches The Top Alone. Who or What Has Helped You Along The Way?

Think about your

Naysayers At Work - Coworker Insists On Telling You What You Can and Can Not Do

They say be careful

Increase your 401K contribution career resolutions 2018 FGCC

2018 Career Resolution #15 Optimize Your 401K

-Increase your 401K contribution percentage

The best parts of having a 401K are that your contributions are tax deductible and that your company may match your donations. Many of us can afford to contribute more to our 401K as time goes on. If that is you, plan to

Coworker Is All The Rage - He Gets So Easily Enraged

Ever work with someone who is easily angered. You never know

How would you describe your humor style? 

There are many types of humor. Humor styles include

Coworker Pretended To Be A Job Recruiter As A Prank

My coworker emailed me pretending to be a

Would You Recommend A Bad Job To A Friend

Would you recommend a bad job to a friend? That is the question 

Its easy to fall into darkness. This is a dark